Bacon Buffet & Trans Stony Notes


Hi Everyone,

Here’s some quick info FYI:

No showers on site

No fires (other than pit)

Prize for best superhero costume (see previous post)

Course open for training Friday Late Afternoon

Camping available in parking area

No late fees (we just wanted you to register earlier so we can better predict needs such as food)

Registration for the Enduro ends Saturday at 9pm

Bring your own hotdogs/smokies

Water is available (though it is well water)

And a special note for those who do not hold a racing license. You must purchase a Day License from ABA rep Molly so be nice and bring crisp $10 for her 🙂

If there is anything I’ve missed, or you have any other questions, just fire us an email and we’ll do our best to answer you ASAP.



Mike & Evan

Alberta MTB Racing

One Response to “Bacon Buffet & Trans Stony Notes”

  1. EverythingBacon Says:

    Bacon Buffet Race?…

    Oh god, I hate to be one of those dumb Americans and not “get it”… but an All You Can Eat Buffet of Bacon and a race too??  I’m confused, because as much as I read the site, I see no other mention of Bacon, except in the title…..

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