Trans Stony Superhero Challenge Enduro MTB Race


The 2010 Trans Stony Superhero Challenge is a 6hr MTB Enduro race.  Althletes will have the option to choose to compete in 2 distinct categories.   This event is in it’s second year and comes the day after the Bacon Race out at the MTB Farm near Stony Plain.

This exciting, 6 hr Enduro event will have solo and team categories to compete in:

Superman Solo – Solo race category

Fantastic 4 – Team Relay (teams of 2 to 4 members – each rider takes their turn turning laps)


The format of the race will be similar to 24hrs and the Giver-8-er as the team (or soloist) who completes the highest number of laps within the 6 hr time period wins!  The final lap must be completed before 4:00 pm.  If a team fails to cross the finish / lap line before 4:00pm, that lap does not count.  A team (soloist) may choose to stop completing laps at any time.


Superman Solo – Open Men & Open Women

Fantastic Team – Open Men, Open Women, & Open Mixed Teams comprised of 2 to 4 people (all teams will compete against each other regardless of # of team members)

Competitors are encouraged to race the Bacon Race on Sunday, camp with us at the venue, then hammer out the Enduro on Holiday Monday.

Alberta MTB Racing strives to provide fun, well-organized, and super-duper races.  We try to ensure that all riders of all abilities enjoy the highest degree of safety, fairness, and the spirit of competition.

The technical guide is now available for download now [here]


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